Altair Weaver & Painters Guild Internship Program

How to paint aircraft for Flight Simulator

Welcome to the Altair Weavers & Painters Guild Internship Program!!!

Those are the modules we have so far...


  1. MODULE 01 - Getting Started
  2. MODULE 02 - Understanding FS2004 Aircraft
  3. MODULE 03 - Preparing to paint your first aircraft
  4. MODULE 04 - Painting your first aircraft
  5. MODULE 05 - The details
  6. MODULE 06 - The Tail and the Winglets
  7. MODULE 07 - The Engines and final touches
  8. MODULE 08 - Converting the files to FS2004 format

You are also welcome to participate in our special forum area to show your work and help you out if you need something.

You may also e-mail the Fleet Manager if you prefer.

Hope you enjoy...
Marcelo Müller
Fleet Manager