Captain Checkride -
Version: 2005.01.30

General Instructions:

This flight will both depart Ontario, CA, KONT and land San Diego, KSAN. You will fly a Tower Enroute Control (TEC) route. These are low-altitude routes for use on short flights in congested areas, and you remain with TRACON contol for the enroute portion of the flight. Information on TEC routes in Southern California can be found on the LA VATSIM ARTCC site. Click the TEC ROUTES link under "For Pilots". Fly this flight in a jet. The default Boeing 737 loads with the flight, but choose your preferred twin-engine turbojet aircraft. Note: We cannot test all add-on aircraft with the flight recorder, so while you may choose any twin-engine turbojet, we reserve the right to ask you to refly using a different aircraft should there be problems with the recording.

Use of the autopilot is optional, but it must not be engaged below 500 feet AGL. Use VORs for navigation, tuning the navigation radios as needed to fly the procedures. This is required to pass the checkride.

Please also review the standards of performance required to pass this checkride.

The Prof

WX Briefing:

Today's weather is: METAR KONT 121755Z 26012G20KT 10SM BKN015 BKN050 BKN080 A3017 RMK A02

Download the flight and wx files. Extract the two Captain Checkride files contained in this zip file to your ..\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\ folder. Select the Captain Checkride flight after you start the simulator.

Flight briefing:

You will fly the ONTM13 route: PDZ V186 V66 MZB. You are Type J (jet) so your altitude will be 11,000 feet. Expect to hold at Mission Bay. You will fly the LOC RWY 27 approach. Pay close attention to altitudes and airspeeds throughout the flight.


Airport diagram for KONT
Low-altitude IFR Enroute
LOC RWY 27 Approach
Airport diagram for KSAN

" you are cleared as filed to KSAN, via the Ontario Mike 13 route. Climb and maintain 11,000. departure control is 125.50, squawk 2502."

START YOUR FLIGHT DATA RECORDER - Be sure you've configured the recorder settings according to the flight recorder instructions.

Taxi to runway 26R, you are cleared for takeoff. Turn left and proceed direct PDZ. Join the ONTM13 route. Climb and maintain 11,000.

Twenty DME from PGY, approach control advises: ", join the MZB R-076 inbound, hold east of MZB on the 076 radial, right-hand turns, one minute legs. Expect further clearance in 10 minutes. Descend and maintain 7,000." You acknowledge the clearance, intercept the radial and enter the hold.

Passing MZB for the third time, approach directs: ", depart the hold on the MZB R-076 outbound. Descend and maintain 5,000." You acknowledge the clearance, join the 076 radial toward RYAHH.

At MZB 16 DME, you hear: ", turn right 200 to join the localizer. Maintain 4,000 until established, you are clear for the Localizer Runway 27 approach." You acknowledge and join the approach. ", contact the tower 118.30, good day."

Switching to tower, they advise ", you are clear to land runway 27."

STOP YOUR RECORDER - Name the filename with your ALT pilot number.

Taxi to parking and shut it down.

Click here to submit your checkride. You will be instructed to attach the .frc file, located in your flight simulator files directory (for example, c:\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\.frc). Also please indicate which aircraft you used.


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