Command Captain Checkride -

General Instructions:

This flight will both depart and land Santa Maria, KSMX. You will need to perform part of a departure procedure, a VOR approach under instrument metereological conditions, finally circling to land on the runway opposite the approach. Fly this flight in a jet. The default Boeing 737 loads with the flight, but choose your preferred twin-engine turbojet aircraft. Note: We cannot test all add-on aircraft with the flight recorder, so while you may choose any twin-engine turbojet, we reserve the right to ask you to refly using a different aircraft should there be problems with the recording..

Use of the autopilot is optional, but it must not be engaged below 500 feet AGL. Use VORs for navigation, tuning the navigation radios as needed to fly the procedures. This is required to pass the checkride.

Please also review the standards of performance required to pass this checkride.

The Prof

WX Briefing:

Today's weather is: METAR KSMX 121755Z 25012G20KT 3SM RA BKN007 BKN020 OVC050 FEW075 A2986 RMK A02

Download the flight and wx files. Extract the two FS9 Command Captain Checkride files contained in this zip file to your ..\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\ folder. Select the Command Captain Checkride flight after you start the simulator. NOTE: The default Boeing 737 comes up on this flight. Switch to the Altair 737, Fokker 100 or other jet as you prefer.

Flight briefing:

Depart KSMX runway 30. Fly the BUELT ONE departure, GVO transition. Climb and maintain 6,000. Reaching 6,000 and established on the GLJ R-130, turn left and proceed direct GLJ. Expect the VOR RWY 12 approach. Once cleared for the approach, you will fly it as published from GLJ, then circle-to-land runway 30.


Airport diagram for KSMX
BUELT1 Departure
KSMX VOR 12 Approach

" you are cleared as filed to KSMX, BUELT1 departure. Climb and maintain 6,000. departure control is 119.05, squawk 3230."

START YOUR FLIGHT DATA RECORDER - Be sure you've configured the recorder settings according to the flight recorder instructions. Choose 2 second intervals.

Taxi to runway 30, and you are cleared for takeoff. Turn left to join the BUELT1 departure. Stay clear of the restricted airspace southeast of the field.

Tower hands you off to LA Center. Reaching 6,000 and established on the GLJ R-130, You request the full VOR RWY 12 approach for KSMX. LA Center instructs you to "turn left direct GLJ, descend and maintain 4,000, cleared for the VOR 12 approach. Radar services terminated, contact the tower procedure turn inbound. Good day."

Fly the approach as charted. Inbound on the approach you contact Santa Maria Tower. Tower advises they are landing runway 30: ", winds are 260 at 12 gusting 20, circle south for runway 30, clear to land." Circle a left-hand pattern and land runway 30.

STOP YOUR RECORDER - Name the filename with your ALT pilot number.

Taxi to parking and shut it down.

Click here to submit your checkride. You will be instructed to attach the .frc file, located in your flight simulator files directory (for example, c:\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\.frc). Also please indicate which aircraft you used.


Study the approach chart carefully. Minimum altitudes are important. When circling for the landing, note that there is terrain to the east and south of the field. Watch your minimum alititudes and airspeed according to the category of aircraft you are flying.


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