New Pilot Orientation
Requirements and Procedures

Welcome to flight school! As a new pilot, you have student status and your first objective is to graduate by completing the basic flight school checkride and receive a promotion to First Officer. Once you receive a satisfactory grade on this part, you may then transfer to the Altair hub of your choice, where you may commence commercial operations for Altair.

If you are an experienced pilot, you may choose to go straight to the checkride, fly it and submit it for grading. Before doing this, if this is the first checkride for Altair, you will need to install a small piece of software that functions as a flight data recorder. You will record your flight, then e-mail the data file to the Chief Pilot according to the instructions in the checkride itself.

Otherwise, you may proceed to the lessons listed on the right-hand side of this page. Start with Lesson (1.) and work through the list. When ready, proceed directly to the checkride. You will use the Cessna 182S for all the lessons in this series.


  1. You have 60 days to complete the lessons and checkride.
  2. You must log at least one flight every two weeks to maintain student status. Click here to login and then take "File Flight Report" for all your flights. You may log all practice, checkrides and flights just for fun.
Failure to meet these requirements may result in your dismissal after appropriate notification.

Later, you will want to attain Senior First Officer status. For this, you must log 50 hours of flight time and pass another checkride. Once you approach 50 hours, return to flight school for some basic instrument flying instruction and the checkride. Detailed requirements for advancing through the Altair ranks are found in the HR Section. But for now, let's concentrate on the basics.

Good Luck!

VFR Lessons

  1. Straight and Level Flight
  2. Turns
  3. Climbs and Descents
  4. Takeoff
  5. Landing
  6. VOR Navigation
  7. Air Traffic Control
  8. Chart Basics
  9. Weather
  10. VFR Checkride

Ask the Professor. See if your question has already been asked or post a "new topic."

Flight Instructors
New students are assigned a regional Flight Instructor who sends them a welcome letter with general instructions. The FI's job is to assist the student through the Academy. They can answer your questions, refer you to the appropriate training and reference materials, and will evaluate your VFR checkride. Contact your instuctor via private e-mail.

Training Aircraft
FS2002 - Before starting, look in the: fs2002\help folder for the ac_books.pdf. This contains the Pilot Operating Handbooks for all the default aircraft. Read the Cessna 182 section.

FS2004 - Look in the: Flight Simulator 9\FSweb\LearningCenter\Aircraft\ folder for the AircraftInformationIndex.htm. This is an index to all the FS9 POH manuals. Read the Cessna Skylane 182S section.


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