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Add-ons for MS Flight Simulator that enhance the simulation experience

FSUIPC (freeware, essential)

A weather and interface utility, it is used primarily to provide an interface into MS Flight Simulator for other add-on programs like Squawkbox, FSMeteo, FlightDeck Companion, etc. It provides functions such as better control of weather in the simulator, better control of joystick, yoke and rudder controllers and miscellaneous functions like fixing the fast battery drain inherent in FS2002 You will need this as a minimum for the Altair checkrides. Installs as a "module" which means it lives in the ..\fs2002\modules\ folder and is accessed from the Modules menu. Well-supported and trouble-free, you generally won't access it or even know it is there once installed.

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FS Navigator (payware, recommended)

A "moving map" and flight planner, it is perhaps the best and most useful navigation aid. Installs as a module and is invoked with a quick F9 keystroke. F9 again hides it. It shows a map of the world, navaids, airports, fixes, airways and atc boundaries. It allows you to create a flight plan, then couples to your auto-pilot to fly that plan. The map moves to follow your aircraft. Frequencies and identifiers are listed for the navaids. If you are flying multi-player of any kind, it will show the other aircraft on the map with altitude and groundspeed, similar to an ATC "scope." It is perhaps the most useful add-on you can buy.

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Squawkbox (freeware, essential for online VATSIM)

This software provides an interface to the online ATC virtual world known as VATSIM. Here you find other pilots like yourself flying in real-time and air traffic controllers providing radar and ATC services. Communicate with controllers using text or optionally Roger-Wilco for voice. In addition to the network interface, Squawkbox gives you a rudimentary Flight Management System (FMS), and an EHSI with TCAS capability. Flight plans entered into SB can couple to your auto-pilot for lateral navigation.

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Roger Wilco (freeware, recommended for online flying)

A voice utility and radio simulator. Used as a radio for talking to ATC when flying online VATSIM. Also used to talk with other Altair pilots on the Company Roger-Wilco channel.

Roger Wilco Website
Roger Wilco
ServInfo (freeware, recommended for online flying)

A rather amazing utility that shows all pilots and controllers currently online. Lists pilots by country, ARTCC or FIR, or airport. Allows you to customize a list showing your choice of controllers and pilots you commonly track, for example, friends you often fly with. Lists VATSIM servers and see which ones are performing best from your area. Too many features to list here. This is a must have, free utility that anyone who flies or controls online needs.

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Whazzup (freeware, recommended for online flying)

Like ServInfo, this utility shows controllers and pilots currently online. Unlike SI, it shows them in a graphical view, sort of like a controllers radar scope. Not as many features as SI, but nice if you want the graphical view of who's flying where.

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FSMeteo (payware, recommended for offline flying)

Easy to use weather utility downloads real-world wx every 5 minutes, updating as you move around. Smooths transitions between adjacent reporting stations. Handles surface weather and winds aloft. Gauges show current wx at your location and one other station.

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